Premium Red Durags


Better Spirits Durags' premium red durags feature some of the best satin and velvet durags you can wear.  Each durag is made from 100% satin, silk, and/or velvet which makes them the most durable durag you have ever worn. 

Designed for 360 wave training and keeping your braids clean, each durag has a extra-long and wide ties that keep this durag on your head without the headache. 

Satin Red Durags

Are our red durags real silk?  Because of the negative impact that silk has on the environment, our silky durags are made using 100% satin with a silk blend. 

This blend makes for a better durag by increasing the durability and stretch.

Velvet Red Durags

Our red velvet durags use a special stretch velvet material that allows for a comfort fit wearing all day and night.  The interior uses our satin/silk blend.

Red Durags for Fashion

Designed in NYC, our red durags have unique designs that won't be found elsewhere.  Truly blending function and fashion Better Spirits Durags are the best durag to wear with your outfit.

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