Mystery Durag ??


Mystery Durag ??

Is it silky or velvet?   Is it a durag that is currently on the website OR an unreleased sample?


Let the excitement begin.

*Get this mystery durag for FREE with any purchase of 2+ durags while supplies last. Just add this product to your cart with ANY 2 durags on the site and the promo code will automatically apply!



Holiday Shipping Update

As we head into holiday season, please be mindful of shipping delays.

Currently our fullfillment time is between 1-2 days. As we get deeper into holiday season please expect delays between 2-5 days before shipment.

Important Product Design Update

In order to increase our processing and shipping time we have decided to remove our iconic red tag from our durags.

We are slowly updating the images on the website to showcase the change.

Nothing has changed in terms of quality of our durags and we are working on a better label for 2022.

Durag Lotto Details

From 11/26 to 12/31 we will be bringing back durag lotto.

Rules are simple. Every friday we drop previous orders #'s in our IG story.

Winners get to choose any (in-stock) durag for free.

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